Buddy Centavo

Last known photo of Buddy Centavo (1981?)

Mexican wrestler and action film hero. "Buddy" Centavo started his career in film in the mid-60s, and although his films do not draw what they once did (in drive-in theatres out west), they are still shown on Mexican TV. Buddy Centavo was managed by the notorious Jesus Alejandro Miguel Ruez Montoya San Spunco Rio El Tavey, and by an unknown co-manager.

Centavo has starred in such films as "Buddy Centavo En El Tesoro De Alejandro El Diablo Con Dinero", "Buddy Centavo Contra Godzilla", "Buddy Centavo Contra El Hombre Iguana" and the blockbuster "Buddy Centavo En El Hotel De Los Muertos."

His films were highly acclaimed in the 60s and 70s (by other Mexican wrestlers), but when his success in film faded in the early 80s, he disappeared altogether. Some speculate that Centavo is dead, others think he is now the ruler of some South American country of which no one has ever heard.

-From "Fortesque's Encyclopedia of the Absurd"