Chapter 3: Fritz in the Renaissance, Part 2

Fritz was rescued from the evil clutches of the pirates in the knick of time by Tiny, a most excellent barbarian, and Paul, a knight from the kingdom of Somerset.


A nifty gladiator offered Fritz a sword with which to protect himself in the future. Alas, Fritz declined as the sword was just way too big.

(Thanks to Mike from Against the Grain. He IS a nifty gladiator!)


Fritz met more lovely ladies...
...Who were all very delighted that he escaped from the pirates unscathed.


As Fritz continued on, he met a strange plastic woman in armour and a silly hat who's name was Wilma (the plastic woman's name was Wilma, no one knows what the hat's name was). She didn't talk much.

(Wilma appears courtesy of Von Sussen Enterprises.)


"And the gypsy that remains faces freedom with a little fear..."
- Stevie Nicks

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