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The Story of Browne Jenkyn

DEL MERRITT, after playing drums (and occasionally mandolin) in several local rock outfits (most notably TRUMAN SPARKS), decided to form an acoustic Celtic group. He immediately recruited brother DAVE, who played drums for even more local bands, and still plays with THE TERRAPLANES and THE ROAD RUNNERS BLUES BAND. In the late '80's they formed the group KINTAIL and had some degree of success.

"THE BROTHERS GRIM" (Del and Dave) met EILEEN "THE BEAN" EGGERT in 1990 while she was playing with "THE FIRST HIGHLAND WATCH OF PENNSYLVANIA, a highland bagpipe band. She had played the rope-tension snare drum with the Watch since the mid '80's. Dave joined the Watch and soon the two made a strong rhythm unit.

KINTAIL DISBANDED early in 1994, so the brothers and Eileen began working on a new group.In the spring of '94 they appeared as a trio called CWN ANNWN. They wanted a broader more powerful sound so they added a fiddle player and a singer/guitarist. Cwn Annwn became a popular local band with a strong following before breaking up in 1997.

THE CORE MEMBERS, Dave, Eileen and Del, decided to return to the trio format and begin work on their next project - BROWNE JENKYN. So the three drummers all moved out from behind their drums (well mostly) and in the autumn of '97 played their first official show at the Hopewell Harvest Fair. Since then they have been playing at various places throughout the New Jersey area, continuing to share their favorite Celtic music.

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