Fritz's Friends

Welcome! So you've always wondered just who all those other Gnomes are? This page contains photos and information of some of Fritz's friends, listed in order of appearance. We'll be adding more bios when more of Fritz's friends appear in his adventures.


Holtzemer is one of Fritz's closest friends. In his youth he was quite a wanderer, having many famous adventures of his own. Always a favourite with the ladies, he is considered the James Bond of the Gnome World. These days, he spends most of his time entertaining and educating younger Gnomes with the stories of his youth. Holtzemer first appears in Chapter 1.


Uncle Arbuckle

A decorated war hero who fought in the battle of Quartzfurrow (1696), when two companies of Gnomes defeated an army of 1500 Goblins. Arbuckle Stump (properly "Stumpf", but after several generations the "f" was lost), of the illustrious line of North Mosswood Stumps, probably isn't actually related to Fritz or his cousin Stubbe Steelebeard. They, like everyone else, think of him as a sort of weird uncle. Uncle Arbuckle's first appearance is in Chapter 1.


Aunt Hilda

Wife of Arbuckle Stump, and brewer of the finest Gnomish Ales outside of Europe. She also bakes the fabulous "jumping cakes", which enable Gnomes to leap astonishing heights and distances. Hilda first appears in Chapter 1. (Check it out, she's a girl Gnome! -ed.)


Stubbe Steelebeard

A cousin of Fritz's, and another notorious wanderer. He has had many adventures all over the world despite his young age. He is much more reckless than most other Gnomes, and there are many men and Gnomes who would like to get their hands on him (though for a different reason than their wives did, I assure you). But his is another story altogether. Stubbe first appears in Chapter 1.



A fletcher by trade, Dietrich spends much of his time collecting feathers or sleeping (there isn't much call for fletchers these days). His home and workshop are inside a huge turnip somewhere near Oxenhoof, Pennsylvania. Because he sleeps a lot, he is sometimes known as "Drowsy Dietrich". Because he sleeps a lot many layers of dust settle on his clothes, and so he is also known as "Dirty Dietrich" (done dirt cheap! -ed.). He can first be seen sleeping in Chapter 1.


Little Hobb

So named because his father was called Big Hobb. Little Hobb is most widely noted for being a trickster. Amongst his greatest pranks- driving a stolen tank through a major league ballgame, filling a New York City police station with honey roasted peanuts, putting gum in John Travolta's hair, stealing all the commas from the French for a whole week (the run-on sentences were very damaging to their telephone system) and where do you think all your socks have been going? He first appeared in Chapter 1.



A great Gnome wanderer. He actually has no fixed abode, but often hangs out in people's closets. His experience in traveling has given him a lucrative writing career. He has penned several field guides, including "Gnome-Eating Plants of the North" and "Great Gnome Holes of the Frozen Tundra". He first appears in Chapter 6.



Shimmelfinney lives in Creepy Harrow with his pet goose, Mister Ollie Gander. He used to be a famous doctor, practising in Ferdie, Maine. Mister Ollie Gander is quite an accomplished artist. His paintings adorn the walls of Shimmelfinney's house. Twice he won first prize in the annual art contest at Fenstock University. Shimmelfinney (and his goose) first appear in Chapter 17.



There's not much to say about this little fellow. He likes pizza and has a great recipe for lamb. He likes to hang out in underwear drawers. He collects round things and things that smell like seeds. He also has a collection of aerial photographs, mostly of no place in particular. He is looking for a long-term relationship with someone cute and fun-loving. No smokers, please. Shook first appears in Chapter 17.



"It is a well established fact that Gnomes can drink twice the amount of alcohol as most Humans."* Seamus can drink four times the amount of most Gnomes. Whenever there is a Gnome party, Seamus is always first on the guest list. His favourite party trick is breaking stones with his head (always a crowd pleaser). He first appears in Chapter 17.

* "Gnomology" by Sir Albrecht Bertilak.


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