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Del Merritt

Eileen "the Bean" Eggert

Dave Merritt

Washington's Crossing State Park, PA (1989)
"Celtic Invasion of Haddonfield, NJ" (1997)

New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom (1998)
Dave and Bean with Fritz the Gnome at Fort Mifflin, PA (2001)

"Against the Grain" New Hope, PA (1998)
Bean, Dave and Kim Leary at The New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom (1997)

"Cookie Cottage" Hamilton Twp, NJ (2000)

Del at the Deep River Ancient Muster, Deep River, CT (1998)
Tim Reilly, The Bones Ambassador to the World! Deep River, CT (1999)

Cemetery in Lawrenceville, NJ, with Eric Martin lurking behind. (1997)
Dave and Bean's drums, Battle of Monmouth (1997)

Fritz the Gnome at the Cape May, NJ Lighthouse (2003)
Paradise America (1997)

West Windsor Lions Club Renaissance Faire (2000)
Browne Jenkyn with Kim Leary (2000)

Washington's Crossing State Park, PA (1998)
1st New Jersey Volunteers' End-of-Season Dinner (1998)

Deep River Ancient Muster Parade, Deep River, CT (2004)

Browne Jenkyn at Surreal Sound Studio (2004)

Fritz looks on as Bean plays
Dave tuning his dulcimer
Del and Fritz being silly
Fritz with SurrealSound Studio's Art Dorety
Fritz sings along on "Fill Up Your Glass"
Kim, Dave, Fritz and a big gourd

Independence Day Celebration/Cultural Festival
Wilmington, DE (2 July 2005)

Northern Catskill Mountains Renaissance Faire
Cairo, NY (13 August 2005)

Failte Coffee House
Hopewell, NJ (23 October 2005)
~Halloween Performance~

Browne Jenkyn as mysterious Mexican Wrestlers
(L-R: El Interferer, El Torro, Gato Volador)

Browne Jenkyn accompanied by Angus MacBones

Payton Tharp, our biggest little fan

Performing the Halloween favourite "With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm" with the head of Ann Boleyn

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