WILL-O-WISP is a New Jersey based acoustic duo that plays traditional music of the British Isles. EILEEN EGGERT and DEL MERRITT bring tales of magic and mystery to life in ancient and contemporary songs for adults and children alike.

Del sings, plays mandolin, octave mandolin and bouzouki (both of these being members of the mandolin family), bodhran (an ancient Celtic frame drum), bones, guitar and lap dulcimer. Eileen sings, plays tin whistle (penny whistle), flute, fife, bodhran and ukulele or guitar.

Eileen and Del also perform with DAVE MERRITT (hammered dulcimer, bodhran and bones) as BROWNE JENKYN, are the founding members of THE SEA DOGS, and have been playing Celtic music for decades in several groups.

For booking information call: (609)324-9134 or e-mail: WillOWispMusic@Outlook.com.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WillOWispNJ/